Dr. Yisgav Nakdimon – LAW OFFICE

Dr. Yisgav Nakdimon – LAW OFFICE is a boutique law firm representing a select group of clients in complex cases, in court and before government agencies. In all areas of our expertise, we offer creative, thorough, and dependable strategic thinking, based on a broad perspective and on absolute command of the details, stemming, among others, from the expertise of the partners and from their vast experience in many areas of law that complement each other. Each case is handled by at least one partner who is intimately familiar with all its aspects and personally guides the client through all stages of the case, to ensure that the best possible results are achieved.

The firm is involved in litigation and legal advice in key areas of law, including constitutional and administrative law, criminal law, communications and Internet, defamation, privacy, copyright, and commercial law.

Nakdimon, Keisar was ranked among the prominent law firms in the area of defamation in “Dun’s 100” for 2015.